Equal education and opportunity for all.

NPO Kidsdoor Fund provides
financial aid for students in need.

  • gave up college due to cost of prep school/standardized test
  • narrowed school choice to avoid application fees
  • little time to study due to part-time job to support household
  • couldn't afford college entrance fees

Although some financial aid and tuition waivers are available for students in need, they do not cover admission-related expenses such as standardized tests, textbooks, application fees, and prep school (Juku). It results in significant disadvantages at admission, or even dropping out of education.
NPO Kidsdoor Fund provides financial assistance to support students with financial difficulties. We also offer grants for local NPOs which provide learning support for children in need.
Your donation, which is tax-deductible in Japan, directly supports students in a form of a scholarship.

Our Scholarship Program

College Prep Support Scholarship

Y50,000 for G12 students, and Y30,000 for G11 students which covers college-prep expenses. NPO Kidsdoor, our affiliated NPO, also provides admission and learning support. FY2020 scholar: 554.

College Freshman Scholarship

Y100,000 for entering college freshman which covers entrance fee and school essentials. FY2020 scholar: 60.

Eiken (English assessment exam) Scholarship

Eiken exam fee (¥2,500~¥12,600) for junior HS and HS students. Eiken is accepted for admissions and course credit at many high schools and colleges in Japan. FY2020 Scholar: 150.

Monthly Donation

Support from ¥1000/month

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One-time Donation

Any amount, any time.

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Credit card or Bank transfer
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